What is Executive Search, and how does it differ from Contingent Recruitment?

Limiting the pool to candidates who are “actively seeking” jobs is not going to maximize that pool – and, as a result, they bring in a third party to deliver executive search services. For example, while most search firms will coach executives before they interview candidates, “HR shouldn’t be passive,” said Whitehouse. The department must make sure the recruiter’s coaching has been effective so that interviewers know how to get the answers they need, and that sessions have been coordinated. “The candidate shouldn’t be asked the same question by four different people,” Whitehouse said. “The CEO should ask different questions than the CFO , for example.” Executive search, on the other hand, is about finding the people who develop policies and strategies and oversee the organization’s far-flung operations.

Their compensation typically involves a consulting fee , aligning with their comprehensive advisory services. The hallmark of executive search consultants lies in their delivery of top-tier service, presenting a slate of highly qualified candidates, and fostering enduring relationships based on trust. The best practice on how to include staff in the interview process is to invite them to spend time with the ultimate finalist in a structured environment that is lead by a search committee member. You may elect to have a partner part of your search committee but conflicts of interest may able be present. Engaging as many of your board’s leadership to be on your search committee is the best path to success and a streamlined search process. The search partner you select can also help you through these decisions on whom to have on your search committee.

How does the executive search process work?

In 2021 Constellation floated Topicus, an operating entity that generated 14% of the firm’s total revenue and is now valued at $5.8bn. When any of the other five big operating units get large enough, they, too, may be listed. After a deal is done Constellation, much like Berkshire, runs the business with benevolent neglect. It does not integrate newly acquired companies or parachute in fresh managers. It is content to leave day-to-day operations to the existing leadership. It does not desperately try to squeeze out inefficiencies by centralising common business functions. Constellation believes that splitting a business weakens its bond with customers, notes Paul Treiber of RBC.

Consultants will usually work on many assignments simultaneously and may submit the same candidate to multiple clients. For these reasons, Contingent Search tends to be more transactional in nature.

Why Executive Search is the perfect route for anybody looking to kick-start their career.

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Generally, it’s best to avoid agencies and recruiters who charge job seekers. If you do need job search assistance, consider contacting the Career Services office at your alma mater if you’re a college graduate or your local Department of Labor for free assistance. The life of an executive recruiter, on the other hand, is somewhat different. The client looking to fill an executive position often wants to identify the best applicants available – and hence prefers to work exclusively. In addition, traditional ways of posting a job online can sometimes generate hundreds of responses from unqualified individuals, which the hiring manager must filter through. However, the search needs to get narrower to further establish whether employing that candidate would have the desired impact that your client is looking for in their company.

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