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What is ACD Anyway?

ACD stands For Active Control Differentials. Basically the ACD is there to limit you’re tires from going too slow or going too fast.

Example… Say you’re driving around tesla accessories a corner…. and one of your tires begins moving faster then the Other. The ACD is made aware and begins moving the slowest tire at the same speed as the fastest tire on the same axis.

So the ACD Enhances the drivers corning experience by preventing Slipping, slow downs, and sluggish pull outs while making turns… keeping the the speeds high even while turning.

But ACD is only favorable in ideal driving conditions… So lets talk about Your ACD Condition Settings.

How Gravel option affects ACD driving Experience

Tarmac- This Setting It’s meant for hugging the road. Placing your Mitsubishi on this setting activates the ACD at it’s most strict operation. The non slip components act IMMEDIATELY when one of the car’s tires begins to move faster then the other. If you’re going to get the maximum G force experience driving on the road with your Evo then this is the setting to select.

Gravel- If your into dirt rallying then Gravel will be your option. Unlike the Tarmac, the non slip cpu allows your tires to slip longer so that you can slide your car around corners faster. It doesn’t responder right away, but it gives you some lee way to get your car in the right position then kicks in so you will not spend most your race sliding.

Snow- This setting is the most loose when it comes to non engaging your ACD. Obviously if your going to drive this through snow then you want to choose this as your option. Again this is for more of an off road drive, and with this setting the ACD takes even longer to respond giving you more traction on snow driving conditions.


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